Název projektu: Ochrana prioritních stanovišť travních porostů Jihomoravského kraje

Projektový akronym: LIFE SouthMoravia

Kód projektu: LIFE18 NAT/CZ/000832   

Doba realizace projektu: 1.9.2019 – 31.12.2025          

Rozpočet: 1,320,000 €

Příspěvek Evropské komise: 990,000 €

Project title:

Protection of priority grassland habitats in the SCIs of the South Moravian Region

The LIFE SouthMoravia project has received funding from the LIFE programme of the European Union.

Project acronym: CZ-SK SOUTH LIFE
Project duration: 1 September 2019 – 31 December 2025
Total budget: € 7, 1,320,000

  • EU contribution: € 990,000

Coordinating beneficiary

  • Základní organizace Českého svazu ochránců Onyx (Basic organisation of the Czech Conservationist Association Onyx)

Associated beneficiaries

  • Botanický ústav Akademie věd ČR, v. v. i. (Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences, p.r.i.)
  • Junák – český skaut, Kaprálův mlýn, z.s. (Junák - Czech Scouting, Kaprálův mlýn, z.s.)
  • Základní organizace Českého svazu ochránců Základní organizace Českého svazu ochránců Vlašim (Basic organisation of the Czech Conservationist Association Vlašim)

The main objective

  • improving the conservation status of 5 priority habitats, partly 1 non-priority, in 7 SCIs
  • creating a comprehensive system of habitat care
  • securing significant socio-economic benefits from restoring sustainable grazing
  • contributing to development of sustainable tourism with active participation of local communities
  • increasing the competitiveness of local farmers
  • demonstrating and replicating new solutions in the region.

The key actions

  • restoration of degraded grassland habitats (removing shrubs, preparing sites for long-term management)
  • restoring extensive grazing as the most suitable way of long-term management
  • building a functional volunteer system of regular annual volunteering of Czech and foreign participants
  • implementation of a set of awareness raising actions among public and the key stakeholders – seminars, trips
  • workshops for raising crucial skills, competitiveness and motivation of local people.

Expected impacts

  • improvement of the state of protection in 7 SCIs 
  • ensuring recovery management of 133 ha
  • ensuring sustainable grazing of 44 ha
  • eradication of plants „Isatis tinctoria“ of 23 ha
  • involvement of 5 local entities in SCIs
  • creation of a volunteer system -  at least 300 volunteers, 3 non-project partners
  • creation and distribution of 15 types of printed outputs
  • creation of 7 small infrastructure objects for routing site visitors
  • 7 local entities using the outputs of friendly tourism
  • training of 7 local guides.


Restoration of grassland and forest habitat management

  • most of these measures are one-off or short-term activities
  • grazing of about 30% of the area will also be overseen by volunteers
  • mowing will be funded from the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic with help of volunteers.

Restoration of grassland habitats by reintroduction of grazing

  • is expected to be sustainable before the end of the project
  • grazing can be supported by agricultural subsidies or by the NCA CR, South Moravia Region Authority.

Ongoing activities within The LIFE communication plan

  • project website, printed outputs for download in electronic form
  • social networks, information line
  • working groups for selected sub-topics covered in the project.

In the introductory photo is Adonis vernalis from the site Žehuňsko.



Ing. Ivana Mariánková

tel.: +420 737 505 288, e-mail: ivana.mariankova@gmail.com


Mgr. Roman Barták

tel: +420 724 104 976, e-mail: roman.bartak@email.cz


Ing. Vilém Jurek

tel.: +420 605 526 958, e-mail: vilem.j@gmail.com