About us


The local chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (CSOP) ONYX was founded in 2007. The mission of the organization is nature and landscape protection and environmental education.

CSOP Onyx members have many years of practical experience in managing and implementing projects in the field of nature and landscape protection, sustainable development and environmental education and awareness, as well as with LIFE programs.

The following projects are currently being implemented:

Our members also participated in the following already completed projects:



Our team:


Marek Fügner

tel.: +420 725 259 910
e-mail: m.fugner@gmail.com

Petra Fügnerová 

LIFE Subpannonic - assistant
tel.: +420 606 187 396
e-mail: fugnerova.petra@gmail.com

Ing. Vilém Jurek

Site manager
tel.: +420 605 526 958
e-mail: vilem.j@gmail.com

Iveta Kopečná

tel.: +420 607 815 945
e-mail: Iveta.Kopecna@seznam.cz         

Ing. Ivana Mariánková

LIFE SouthMoravia – project manager   
tel.: +420 737 505 288
e-mail: ivana.mariankova@gmail.com           

Mgr. Pavel Pechoušek

PR manager
tel.: +420 733 671 784
e-mail: pavel.pechousek@email.cz

Michaela Sklenářová

LIFE SouthMoravia - assistant
tel.: +420 723 031 010
e-mail: m.sklenarova@revitacz.cz

Ing. Štěpánka Konupková Kalousová

Science section coordinator
tel.: +420 737 127 717
e-mail: kalousova.stepanka@post.cz

Ing. Ondřej Bukovský

Head of the fieldworks
tel.: +420 728 937 926
e-mail: bukovsky.ondra@gmail.com